Yoga, Kabbalah and Me

Neeva kedem

Neeva kedem

I took my first Yoga class back in 2003. Until then I thought that yoga is something that only very flexible indian people are doing. One of my friends came back from India and started to offer yoga classes to everyone. I tried, and can’t say I fell in love right away as expected. My first yoga class was a late night one – we had candlelight and warm blankets for a very long Shavasana (corpse pose) at the end of the practice, so all I could think was just how much yoga is relaxing…

Yoga was different than anything I knew before, and it took me a fair amount of time to get to know the practice and realize its great benefits. The years that came after this first class were filled with many more yoga classes and workshops. I learned a lot about meditations and different yoga styles, until the point of taking a yoga teacher training course at Yoga Tree and become a certified yoga teacher. Through the years I took many yoga workshops and courses, some with Sean Corn and Sadie Nardini, both an amazing teachers and human beings.

Yoga was not the only spiritual path I took; Hinduism and Kabbalah were also very attractive, offering a fascinating view over life’s mysteries. I explored many kinds of spiritual practices, but Kabbalah was the one that gave me all the answers. Kabbalah is a 4,000 years old wisdom and is actually a technology of the soul. You just can’t go wrong with Kabbalah; it is pure science.

As a Kabbalah student since 2002 at the International Kabbalah centre, I learned about Kabbalistic meditations. Kabbalistic meditations are  different than the traditional meditations we usually know; they are deep and beautiful; fills your heart with endless joy and harmony.

These days I combine my knowledge and experience into one enlightened spiritual and physical yoga practice. I get consistent inspiration from my Yoga and Kabbalah teachers, of course. Plus, I learn a lot from my own meditations and experience.


There are many kinds of meditations; some are done when you are seating with your eyes closed and trying to concentrate on your breath. Some has more of a praying character, where you are asking the universe for help. Some meditations are more religious, where you connect to a higher self or open your heart to god.

Personally, I use Kabbalistic meditations. I learned the base for Kabbalistic meditation as a student of the International Kabbala Centre, and after years of practice I developed my own meditation style. For me, meditation is like taking myself out of the scene; by seeing the big picture.

In yoga, we usually meditate on the here and now. It’s beautiful, and sometimes I do that too. It’s very beneficial for your body and mind, and very relaxing. In my Kabbalistic meditations, however, I often try to get away from the here and now, and notice how the past, present and future are becoming one. It’s not as complicated as It looks! Actually, that is very simple. Seeing the big picture can give you the right proportions in life. What is more Important, what are your true priorities, where is the seed level of your Issues. You can only find it while stepping out of the moment and looking carefully at the big picture of your life.

I usually mix these meditation styles. Some of them are about the bigger picture, some are about the here and now, and some are just about relaxing your nervous system with your breath. My meditations are all about calming our jumping-monkey-mind and letting go of our fears, anger, depression and anxiety. My meditations are all about peace of mind and relaxation, but I never forget to add this new fresh energy that we all need in order to keep our life force going and growing; we all need to keep this flame up – but in control!

Please note that I’m not a Kabbalah teacher; I’m a many years Kabbalah student who is using some Kabbalistic spiritual tools in order to achieve goals while enjoying life journey!