Eat Out

Eating Out – or – Don’t worry, you can still eat out!!

True, the best place to eat vegan are vegan/vegetarian restaurants. BUT – after a while you will learn how to get your share of ‘meat’ in (almost) every restaurant.

First, I suggest you to ask for vegan dishes. Most chances are that the waiter will give you a sad look and will apologies for not having anything ‘vegan’. Or they will suggest you to eat things with cheese, mistaken you for ‘vegetarian’. So why ask if we know that they don’t have any specific dish for vegan people? Because if every one of us will ask for vegan dishes, and many waiters will tell that to their bosses, the vegan revolution will start!
In Israel, for example, where there is a huge vegan population, there are now more and more restaurants that are offering vegan food. With the growing demand, it will come!

Now, let’s figure what you CAN eat, and is available at most restaurants:

Salads – most salads have either cheese or ham in it, but you can ask to get it without, and don’t hesitate to ask them to add something extra instead, like extra vegetables, fruits or quinoa if possible.

Veggie hamburger – when you are really hungry and must satisfy this hunger right now! With the restaurants bun, some ketchup and industrial mustard it is the perfect junk food… don’t tell me you didn’t know!

Soup – any kind of vegetables soup will do. I encourage you to ask if there are no cheese or animal oil in the soup.

Rice with vegetables and noodles with vegetables are great options, especially in Thai and Chinese restaurants. Ask if there is any oyster sauce in the dish.

Pasta – yes, I know, it’s not easy with pasta. I love pasta, but all the pasta menu is about pasta with chicken, pasta with sea food, pasta with cheese… but there is almost always this little pasta with tomatoes that is usually delicious, with basil leaves and olive oil, and let me tell you something – it is probably the only healthy pasta in the menu, so just go for it!!!

One more great pasta for vegan people is pasta with pesto sauce, as long as it doesn’t have cheese in it. If it is just olive oil, pine nuts and basil leaves, you have a tasty winner!

Junk food... it’s not the best for you, but if you hang up with friends once in a blue moon and would like to enjoy your time – go for the sweet potatoes fries. They are delicious! Sweet potatoes themselves are very healthy, but not when fried in a restaurants oil…

As per desserts, it’s not easy. The chances are on your favour only at a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. Unless they serve simple fruits.

Photography: Neeva Kedem